School Nutrition

New School Lunch Menus

We have been working with a company, MealViewer, on a new format for our school breakfast and lunch menus. The new school nutrition page includes a web-viewer and mobile app that have the capacity to display the menus along with nutritional information for items served for breakfast and lunch. This new feature will allow you to view nutritional information such as carbohydrates, calories and fat by simply moving the computer mouse over the items in the menu or through interacting on the mobile app. You are also able to calculate the nutritional information for an entire meal by clicking on the Nutrition Calculator button. Please note that the calculator will pull from the menu you are viewing for that particular day (there are separate tabs for breakfast and lunch). Once in the calculator, you can click on the food items and adjust the amount consumed for a more accurate count of the nutritional information.As we continue to implement the new menus and work with MealViewer our goal is to list sugar totals and allergens as well.

Students are encouraged to use the mobile app to learn more about the nutritional value of the food they are eating and to rate the items they have purchased from the school cafeteria. We are excited to provide this digital tool to receive feedback, while also promoting a vibrant and healthy school community. We believe this will be a valuable tool to foster more conversation about healthy dietary choices and much more!

Click the section heading above or the following link to access the New School Menus.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

If you have not filled out an application for this school year please submit one for your family and send to school. Benefits will stop on October 19, 2015 if we do not have an application on file for the current school year.

Use the following links to access an application:
Free and Reduce Application
Free and Reduce Application in Spanish
Waiver to Share information with other programs at Middle School
Waiver to Share information with other programs at High School

Online Lunch Account

You may use the on line lunch account to check balances, review your family account, deposit funds, view purchase history, and more. The system is free to use unless you add funds onto your student's account. You can add money to multiple accounts at one time and will be charged one transaction fee of $1.95.  If you have questions please contact the School Nutrition Office at 804-966-8508 or email:



Seeking Cafeteria Substitutes

Want a little extra cash?  Have a couple of hours during the day before picking your kids up from school? Want to decide when you want to work?

We are in need of cafeteria substitutes to work in the kitchen. Interested applicants please fill out a Support Staff & Substitutes Application and turn into the School Board Office. Click on "Seeking Cafeteria Substitutes" or select Online Application under Employment at the top of the page and fill out an application on line.