New Kent Strategic Plan - Feedback Requested
This is the image for the news article titled NEW KENT STRATEGIC PLAN - FEEDBACK REQUESTEDNew Kent County Public Schools is in the process of updating our strategic plan.  The School Board and staff are committed to creating an accessible, contemporary plan that can be readily shared and focused on specific goals to continue to improve and be an exemplary school system.  Over the past three months, New Kent families, business partners, community members, teachers, administrators, and school board members have been working together to identify goals and measures within three key areas.  

The three goals developed through our work include:  1. Teaching and Learning;  2. Student Safety, Caring Culture, and Global Awareness; and 3. Steward and Management of Resources

Each goal is clearly stated, includes strategies to accomplish the goal, and indicators to measure our progress.  

Teaching and Learning
Essential Goal 1:  New Kent County Public Schools will provide relevant, engaging learning experiences to encourage higher order thinking, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Student Safety, Caring Culture, Global Awareness
Essential Goal 2: New Kent County Public Schools will provide a safe, supportive, inclusive environment focused on community engagement, civic responsibility, and global awareness.

Management and Stewardship of Resources
Goal 3:  New Kent County Public Schools will provide a quality education for all students through the effective, efficient, and accountable use of resources.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to forge common goals to move forward, to create accountability to achieve these goals, and to identify key indicators that document our progression.  As part of our commitment to our community, we are asking for you to review and provide feedback regarding the goals, strategies, and indicators. 

Please read the Working Document of our Strategic Plan.  

You may provide feedback by emailing: